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Where to go from Levoca

The tourist region of Spis has an abundance of cultural and historic munuments, the most significant of them being the SPIS CASTLE, a National Culture Monument. Since 1993 the castle and its surroundings have been registered in the UNESCO's List of World's Nature and Culture Heritage. As its area is over 4 ha, it is one of the largest castle complexes in Central Europe. Near the Spis Castle, there is a nature reserve called DREVENIK. It is one of the oldest and largest calctufa hills in Slovakia, with its numerous beautiful stone caves and precious flora. A hill-fort used to be there. Under the Spis Castle, there is an ancient village of Bijacovce, which belonged to the castle's estate. There is a Romanesque rotunda, a Gothic church with a valuable piety dating from the 15th century and rare mural paintings.Its Baroque manor house served to the castle owners.

To the west of Spisske Podhradie, there is SPISSKA KAPITULA, the Historical Town Reserve, the center of church administration unit. It had been the seat of the Spis Priory since the end of the 12th century , later it became the seat of the Spis Bishopric. It is dominated by the cathedral from the first half of the 13th century built in Romanesque and Gothic style. Today, it is the seat of the Theological College. On a nearby hill, there is a church in ZEHRA with an onion-shaped tower, where the art treasures of rare mural paintings of special art and historic value can be seen. They belong to the UNESCO's List of World's Nature and Culture Heritage. They date back to the 13th- 15th century and they form a compact iconographic cycle.

To the south of Levoca, there is one of the oldest Spis villages, the village of MARKUSOVCE. A Gothic church of St. Michael from the 13th century dominates the village. Nearby, there are preserved remains of a castle from 13th century, too, but they are not open to the public now. There is an exposition of historic furniture in the seat of the Mariassy family- the Rococo manor house with a French park , where a summer house called "Dardanelles" is situated.

To the west of Levoca, there is the village of SPISSKY STVRTOK, the first written record of which comes from 1263. Its name is derived from the markets, which used to take place on Thursdays /stvrtok=Thursday/. There is a Gothic church coming from the times before the Tartar raid. The chapel of the Zapolsky family is attached to the church. Its architecture belongs to the masterpieces of Slovak Gothic. If you take the first turning to the right, you will get to a small ancient Spis town of VRBOV with over 700 years old history. There is a famous thermal swimming pool there.
The Slovak mountains- The High Tatras are a climatic spa resort, tourist and recreation center. The area of the High Tatras is a National Park.


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