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Municipal office of Levoča – Department of Tourism and Town Development
Námestie Majstra Pavla 4, 054 04 Levoča

Based in: Levoča , Námestie Majstra Pavla 58
Phone: +421(0)53 451 3763, +421(0)53 16 188
Fax: +421(0)53 451 3763

Dear visitors,
Welcome in our medieval historical town of Levoča, still beautiful and attractive in spite of bygone ages. Take a chance to come and see the best of it ...

  • Levoča belongs to former three royal towns in Old Hungary.
  • The Master Paul´s Square is rectangle shaped with more than 60 burgess and patrician houses around. With its area it is one of the largest medieval squares in Central Europe.
  • The dominant of the square – the St. James´ Church is the second largest church in Slovakia with the largest wooden late-gothic altar in the world (18.62 m). This unique is the work of famous medieval wood-carver Master Paul of Levoča – the person of millenium 2000.
  • The organ in St. James´ Church was constructed in 1624 – 1630. At that time it was the most significant monument of Levoča. Up to 19th century it was the biggest organ in whole Hungary.
  • The chamber theatre with congress hall is the second oldest theatre in Slovakia.
    On the belfry, interconnected with the unique historical Townhall, there is the first tower-clock in Old Hungary.
  • The protestant churche, build of greek-cross shape with large cupola, is proud of its valuable historical library and baroque wooden cross.
  • In Old Minorits´ Monastry there is well-preserved gothic cross-vault corridor with fragments of fresco paintings, the only one in Slovakia.
  • The Special Schools Museum is the only one of this kind in Slovakia.
  • In the house No 26 there was the Brewer´s Printing Office, where the beautiful, wood-carved, Orbis Pictus by Jan Amos Comenius was edited in 4 languages, as well as the significant edition of Slovak hymnbook by Juraj Tranovský – Tranoscius.
  • The Provincial House had belonged to the most representative buildings in Old Hungary. It is the purist classicistic building in Slovakia.
  • The fortification system of town walls is the most well-preserved in Slovakia (4/5 of the original lenght 2.5 km).
  • Basilica Minor is the place of annual pilgrimage in July, the greatest in Slovakia. In 2005 Levoča with Marian Hill was chosen by delegates of European Association of Marian Pilgrimage Centres as a member of this association. This way it belongs to world pilgrimage centres such as Lourdes, Mariazell, Czenstochowa, or Fatima.

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Opening time:
Monday - Friday 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
(Januar - April and October – December)

Monday – Sunday 9.00 a.m. 4.00 p.m.
(May - September)


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