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First written reference from 1249
Population 14, 346

6, 404 ha.

573 m

Historic town center
in 1950 became town monument reservation

Town Wall
almost completely preserved, 6 of 15 bastions and watch-towers have been preserved as well as three gateways: Kosicka, Polska and Menhardska Gateways.

Parts of the town
Levoca, Levocska Dolina, Levocske Luky, Zavada

in the north of east Slovakia, district of Presov, 48 km west of Presov

Tourist trail
"Gothic Route" ,267 km long, in the Spis and Gemer region

Levoča - Bratislava 370 km
Levoča - Košice 90 km

Slovak anthem
The anthem of the Slovak Republic, "Nad Tatrou sa blyska", was for the first time sung in the Levoca lycée in the 19th century.

Bank note
On the front side of one-hundred-crown note, there is a picture of Madonna from the main altar in the St James's Church, made in Master Pavol's workshop. On the back side of the bank note, there are some features of the St James's Church and the Town Hall, as well as the illustration of a gothic stone head from the vestry of the old Minorites church.


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