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1999 - 750th anniversary ...

The town of Levoca celebrated the 750th anniversary of the first written document concerning Levoca.
Levoca was mentioned for the first time in a charter issued by the Hungarian king Belo IV on 19 September 1249. The original of the charter is deposited at the State Regional Archives in Levoca. The king Belo IV documented presenting the village of Jablonov to the Spis Prior Matej. At the same time he was allowed to build a palace and a tower at the Spis castle. Defining the borders of the village and its territory the Charter says that the border, at one part, descended "to a big road which leads to Levoca" /ad magnam viam, qua itur ad Leucha/. Levoca is mentioned in the Charter at another place,too, where the ruler says that there is a meadow called Wizosnica belonging to the village of Jablonov, which is situated "in a forest above Levoca" /in silva supra Leucham/.

The text makes it obvious that Levoca is considered a well-known trade and market center. Today we know, from the historians' and archaelogists' findings, that the Levoca from the Charter, the "old Levoca", was situated about 2 km south of the present center of Levoca. It is the location, where the foundations of St. Nicolaus' Church were discovered. The size of this church was respectable: its length was 23.5m, the width of the nave was 12m and the apse was over 8m. And it was the St. Nicolaus Church around which the old Slavonic settlement called Levoca was situated.

The president of Slovakia Rudolf Schuster, the head of the Constitutional Court Milan Cic, as well as other guests from partner towns, neighbouring districts and many of the town's natives took part in the in the important celebration on 24-26 September 1999.



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